Hi! My name is Charlotte and I’m a 26 year old reader from Belgium.

Since I joined a YA book club, I’ve been more and more interested in analysing and reviewing books. Hence this blog. I’m looking forward to giving you my honest opinions about the books I read, finding interesting new releases and interacting with the amazing book community.

My prefered genre is fantasy, but I also read a sci-fi or contemporary every once in a while. I’m a huge binge reader once i find a series that really intrigues me. Some of my favorites are The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, The Daevabad Trilogy by S. A. Chakraborty and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

I’ve been subscribed to Fairyloot for a while now and am loving how it makes me read more new releases. I am also so excited for all the books that come out but i sometimes get too overwhelmed by them, resulting in me not reading many of them. Fairyloot has really changed this for me. This way I would like to put out my opinions on some of the new realeases so other people have a bit of a reference before going into it.